WYD 2023 with the Beatitudes

The Community of the Beatitudes offers you all, or part, of the following journey for WYD 2023 in Portugal:




4 paths to choose:
all ending at WYD



Open Heaven Festival + WYD



Festival at Coïmbra + WYD at Lisbon




3 departure paths for prolonging the WYD experience




19 - 26 july

Live an optional week on the way to WYD, you can choose how you get to Lisbon!

4 paths to choose from: head to WYD!

Pilgrimage to Portugal
21-27 July

A week to discover the different churches and holy places of Spain and Portugal!

Theater and Creative Arts
22-27 July

Be a part of the creation and presentation of a theatrical show for WYD.  Led by a professional comedian!

Hike to Portugal
19-26 July

Encounter the Lord with us in the Portuguese mountains!  A time of fraternity, prayer, and exercise; camp under the stars, contemplate God in His Creation, praise and sing His Glory!

By Motorcycle

Embark on a unique adventure from Paris to Lisbon with other faithful bikers!

Open Heaven Festival + WYD

27 July – 6 August

Festival at Coïmbra + WYD at Lisbon

Whether you come from the Pre-WYD, work or the beach, it’s at Coïmbra that our WYD experience will begin! 

Three days of Open Heaven followed by Lisbon for the worldwide gathering.  During this week in Lisbon, we will also be taking care of the music, readings, etc. of a local parish. 


7 - 13 august

And after WYD?…

If you feel it is still too early to go home, and if you want to continue this journey, a time of further prayer and discernment is available to you with the Community.

Breaktime in God Preparation

Envie de passer trois mois à 1 an dans la communauté en France ou à l’étranger ?

Viens te préparer à cette aventure durant une semaine entouré d’autres jeunes qui partagent la même soif de servir que toi.


What should I do with my life??

Take a time of retreat, teachings, spiritual direction, praise and worship, mountain hikes, and silence to better open yourself to the Lord’s call.  All of this organized within the Community’s daily life.

Assist at the Family Festival

The Family Festival needs your help!  Testify to the graces you have received through games, praise, and plays; all to help the families discover God’s tender love for them!

On Mission in Brest

Announce the joy of Christ to the underprivileged youth of Brest, France in street evangelization!

Practical Info

The official reception begins the 27th of July in Coïmbra; for the Pre-WYD events information will be communicated to you accordingly.

The Community of the Beatitudes is in contact with the Portuguese Committee of Lisbon and the Coïmbra team for organizing where you will stay.

There will be busses organized leaving from Paris and other places in Europe for Coïmbra.  The same will also be organized for the return.

The Portuguese Committee has not yet communicated the price for the week of August 1st – 6th.  A separate fee will be asked of you for Open Heaven and for the Pre- and Post-WYD events.  However, the cost must not become an obstacle for you and we are ready to discuss this with each group manager!


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